Accessories and optional equipment for 3D GROUND NAVIGATOR

This is the place where you learn about the scope of delivery and optional equipment for 3D GROUND NAVIGATOR . OKM's 3D ground scanner & 3d metal detector can be extended with various antennas depending what and where you are looking for underground objects and structures like treasures, artifacts, gold and the like.


The control unit is the main processing unit of the 3d metal detector. It is equipped with a modern , digital screen is equipped with high quality made of high quality materials
All operating modes of the super sensor will be controlled by this unit.

Telescopic Super Sensor Telescopic Super Sensor

The Telescopic Super Sensor is used to measure the underground values, Small metallic targets such as gold nuggets, coins, rings, jewelry and other valuable metallic objects hidden under the ground can be found easily. Also it is very suitable to detect larger objects like boxes, pipes, gold or silver and other metallic masses which are buried deep under the surface
Because of its integrated sensor technology it offers high resolution scans also in hard soils or mineralized areas.
Telescopic Super Sensor, which makes it very easy to work in areas with difficult access and uneven grounds.
In addition, the Super Sensor (if used together with the software Visualizer 3D) has an integrated discrimination possibility to discriminate ferrous and nonferrous metals. No other metal detector can keep up with the Super Sensors depth penetration. A discrimination control prevents the user from digging out undesirable items like nails, cans or other trash.

Charger, docking station and travel adapter Charger, docking station and travel adapter

To recharge the Power Packs a docking station and charger is required, .
a travel adapter completes the charging accessories to make sure the Power Packs can be recharged worldwide

Wireless Headphones Wireless Headphones

The 3D GROUND NAVIGATIR ground scanner can be operated with standard wired headphones, wireless Bluetooth headphones or simply by using the internal speaker.
For comfort wireless Bluetooth headphones are included in each of the packages.

Cable to transfer data Cable to transfer data

Connector to transfer data from the main unit to the computer
It works on the data you need to analyze through analytical software in your tablet computer transfer

3D Software (Visualizer 3D) 3D Software (Visualizer 3D)

The Visualizer 3D software is used to optimize the scan images that have been conducted with the 3D GROUND NAVIGATIR ground scanner and 3d metal detector.
It is also possible to determine depth and size of detected objects.

Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case Waterproof and shock resistant Peli case

The 3D GROUND NAVIGATIR is packed into a shock resistant and waterproof Peli case and thus protected against environmental influences. Thus the detector is safe for traveling or shipping.

Android / Windows Tablet PC Android / Windows Tablet PC

For easy field operation the Visualizer 3D software may be loaded into a mobile Windows Tablet PC. By that the 3D GROUND NAVIGATIR operator can analyze scan images quickly with Visualizer 3D.
Mostly a small team of people are working together to scan a field. In that case it could be beneficial to watch along with the operator how the scan images are created. By connecting an Android Tablet PC all participants can follow the operators work on a separate screen.